Testosterone – What and Why

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Testosterone… testosterone is a major male foundational hormone. It is an androgen and very calming. It is important for healthy HDL levels and all organ system function including cardiovascular, brain, skin, immunity, fertility and libido. Most men today are testosterone deficient. Women can have too much too as they only need a little.

Testosterone is one of 8 hormones that are tested through saliva testing at the New Medicine Foundation. Blood testing just doesn’t cut it as it can vary considerably throughout the course of the day. New Medicine Foundation is about finding out what you have in reserves to meet your needs when necessary, not what you have flowing through your blood at any given moment.

Thank goodness for Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the New Medicine Foundation and his ability to treat patient’s virtually all over the world. He has been a Godsend for me and can be for you too. As Dr. Pearson states, “It’s all about balance. Restoring what is needed and doing it conservatively at optimal levels. It is all about basing balance on what is necessary individually, for each patient, while also allowing what may naturally improve to do so, with the end result being the restoration of biochemical harmony.”

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