Organic Farmers Beware. Monsanto is watching and you are defenseless! We all are.

IDKT (I Didn’t Know That)

…the first ever GMO patent violation case to reach the Supreme Court, was argued in front of the Justices in February. This is far from the first time the company has taken legal action against farmers. Monsanto claims, however, that it “files suit against farmers who breach their contracts and infringe our patents—not against farmers who did not intentionally take these actions.” So don’t worry: If GMO crops drift into your fields, no one is going to sue you! (Although some claim the company is far more aggressively litigious than it claims to be.)

But what recourse do organic farmers have? Their very business model depends on their crops not having any patented genes in them. None, apparently. In a new USDA report, the government suggests that such farmers buy additional insurance to protect them from crops lost due to unintentional GMO contamination. What? Insurance? Really? What good does that do? So the insurance pays the farmer off and the farmer is now out of business because he can’t tell what is genetically modified and what isn’t. Guess who the winner is? What a clever way to put your competition out of business.

NYK (Now You Know) …

…that when it comes to the truth about GMO foods, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and we the people will be holding the bag in the end and it won’t be pretty. Stay tuned for more information to come. Through education and unity toward the common good for all and not just corporate giants and government agencies, we can take back our right to good, unadulterated, whole, nutritious food and getting back to letting thy food be thy medicine. Together we can all be A Voice For Change, Coach D, Donna Appel, Life Transformation Specialist.

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