20 Year Study on GMO Corn Results are In

NoIncreaseInYieldThe results of a 20 year study that were conducted by the University of Wisconsin are suggesting that planting transgene corn does not ensure larger yields. There are some GMO strains that yield a slightly higher yield but then there were others that were beat out by the non-GMO counterparts. As per Tom Philpott who writes for Mother Jones, the study shows that genetically altering corn “causes unintended changes in the way it grows, causing it to be less productive.”

NYK (Now You Know) …

…and now you can demand that GMO foods be labeled so that you don’t have to buy them unless you want to. Just remember, this is the study on yield. The studies on health issues in humans and animals has yet to be released.

Join us over at A Voice for Change to learn more about how our environment is hurting us.

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