5 Hints For Success When Doing An HCG Detox / Weight Loss Program

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It’s so simple to be successful. Use these tips to help.

1. It is helpful to prepare several days worth of varying food choices ahead of time. Have produce and fruit wrapped, calorie labeled and ready to go in a drawer of your refrigerator. Individually wrap and calorie label meat, poultry and fish and keep individual packages ready in your freezer.

2. Purchase organic when possible.

3. Buy Australian beef or grass fed American beef to be assured of the leanest meat possible. The object is to avoid all fat, AS ANY FAT IN THE DIET WILL PRODUCT NEGATIVE RESULTS. It is best to limit beef consumption to one time per week and have it for lunch.

4. You will most likely have to shop two times a week to assure you always have a fresh supply of pre-weighed, pre-wrapped fresh foods available. A list of permitted foods and other valuable information is shown in my new book about weight loss, detoxification and hCG entitled “Coming Full Circle”.

5. Keep a food bowl for your daily portions. If you have enough food wrapped and ready on a daily basis, it will make the process easier.

Visit www.avoiceforchange.com to find out more ways that you can accomplish your get healthy goals. After all, that is what it is all about – detoxing, losing the weight once and for all and keeping it off for good so that you can feel and look terrific. We can teach you how to detox and get healthy, lean, hormonally balanced and happy today.

Stay tuned for future blogs that will disclose other tools and ideas useful when you are doing an hCG detox. Tune in to the AVFC teleconferences held every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern time. Join Donna and Dr. Edward W. Pearson of the New Medicine Foundation on Monday’s at noon Eastern time too. The Doc and Donna Radio Show on Contact Talk Radio is geared toward educating the masses about how best to get healthy and stay that way, free of drugs, disease and pain. We should all be living to be 120 and better. I hope you’ll join us and learn how easy it is.

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Turn over a new leaf … Transform a new life!

Coach “D”

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