Damaged Kids Cause Damage

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Obese Children Cause DamageDamaged Kids Cause Damage. Help me help you help us feed our kids nutritious food that isn’t tainted with harmful chemicals, dyes, preservatives, hormones and sugar. We must get a handle on what we are putting into our bodies and the bodies of those we love. The last thing you want is for someone you love to contract a deadly, debilitating disease. This is one way to prevent that from happening. Stay away from processed foods. They aren’t really a food source at all. Rather they are a money source for someone that isn’t thinking that far off into the future. All “they” can think about is the profitability of the product they manufacturer and the shelf life to preserve that profitability.

Damaged kids do cause damage to themselves and those around them. Stop the abuse today!

Sign up and become a member of A Voice For Change. Help me, help you, help us get educated and make the changes necessary to live a long, prosperous, healthy, happy, pain and drug free life.

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Turn over a new leaf … Transform a new life!

Coach “D”

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