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Pre-Protocol cleansing is recommended.the cleaner my internal body is prior to doing an hCG protocol, the more successful I would be. Because of that finding, I decided to share information for some cleanses that I have personally tried and liked. There are all sorts of cleanses on the market and many books have been written on the subject. Likewise, everyone has their own beliefs and opinions.  Over the next couple of weeks be sure to watch for my blogs and learn what I know about each cleanse.

My reason for cleansing prior to doing an hCG protocol is to make sure my body is ready for the onslaught of toxins that are going to be released back into my body’s system. The toxins I am referring to are the ones that are stored in the very fat I want to lose. That is my logical way of thinking anyway. If the toxins are stored in the third layer of fat, the fat that will be removed, then the toxins will need to go someplace. That means they are on the move. That means that I want to make sure they are on their way out of my body, never to return.

I want to make sure that the body parts involved in that process are in good working order. If they are already clogged and backed up prior to using hCG, then what will happen to those toxins? I don’t want to take any chances. To me, using another form of detoxing prior to using hCG is a no brainer. So is detoxing after I’m done with a protocol. I want to make doubly sure that those toxins are hitting the road and not being reabsorbed.

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