Kevin Trudeau is demanding freedom of speech!!

As you may or may not know, I am a fan of Kevin Trudeau and I am actually a member of GIN, the Global Information Network. Kevin Trudeau is NOT the negative money hungry person that he has been made out to be by the media. If you think he is, it is only because you have listened to media hype about him and haven’t taken the time to get to know him. If you did take the time to get to know him, I promise, you’d become a follower and a leader in your own rite.

Kevin is a person that walks in similar shoes to the one’s I wear. A Voice For Change was founded under many of the same principles that Mr. Trudeau writes and talks about. Please take the time to get to know Kevin by reading some of his material and exploring the possibility that he may just be right and know what he is talking about. Take the time to consider that just maybe, he cares enough to put his butt and money on the line because he wants to make a better world for all of us to dwell in. As is the case with me, it would be easy to just have a job that pays a salary and not put myself/ourselves out there. It would be easy not to care about you and just care about myself and those closest to me.

The tough road to walk is the one that we are walking. We are providing those that follow us with facts, so that they can make their own decisions and turn around the health of their bodies, wallets, spirits and the planet. Freedom of speech is a necessary component to being able to walk your own walk, otherwise you become a follower and a victim to the whims of others.

I hope you will join me in supporting Kevin. If you are interested in the club I belong to, check it out at and tell them A Voice For Change sent you.

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