Sick, Depressed and Fat ~ Part 2 ~

I Didn’t Know That (IDKT) …

Sick, Depressed and Fat - find out why - visit www.avoiceforchange.comIf you are working on getting healthy, sugar is one of the first things you should dump from your shopping list.  Well that isn’t exactly true, I knew it should be but I really didn’t know why.  That’s not true either.  I knew it caused problems but I didn’t know how bad those problems could be.  And that is the truth.  Here are some more facts I haven’t revealed yet

Life expectancy is declining for the first time in human history.

It has been said by many health practitioners that we are raising the first generation of Americans to live sicker and die younger than their parents.

Almost 30 percent of diabetics over the age of 40 have impaired sensation in their feet.  This often leads to amputations.

It is estimated that diabetics die an average of six years earlier than non-diabetics.  The pain leading up to their death for many, is excruciating.  They can suffer for years so one really has to consider the quality of life and not just life expectancy.

Over the next decade it is estimated that direct health care costs will be over $3.4 trillion dollars for issues that are related to diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions.

Type 2 diabetes is the result of too much insulin, not too little.

Insulin resistance happens when one consumes too many empty calories from soda and sugary drinks along with eating too many refined carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, bread, and the like.  The result is that your cells become resistant or another way of putting it, your cells become numb to the effects of insulin.

Worsening insulin resistance symptoms include the loss of muscle, the increase of fat storage, inflammation, rapid aging and overall bodily deterioration.

Now You Know (NYK) …

Turn over a new leaf; Transform a new life

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