Master Cleanse Update Day 8

Update as of day 8 follows:

I’m down 7 pounds and feeling fantastic.  My work partner is also doing the cleanse and reporting similar results in terms of how she feels.  Energy is great and I’m sleeping through the night like a baby.  Really, sleep is so restful and I’m waking fresh and ready to go.  There are no afternoon slumps either.  I’m alert and aware and loving this process.

I have been experiencing lower back pain on the right side of my body.  I’m thinking it is a kidney issue and that I’m beginning to pass a stone or two.  That is the only issue that I am experiencing that is of a negative nature and even at that, I’m thankful they are leaving my body.  I was a big fan of iced tea (black tea iced tea) which I am no longer consuming on a regular basis.  It is my understanding that tea can contribute to stones so I’m no longer feeding that fire.

I did take some supplements to help with the kidney issue.  I took marshmallow root, ginger root, hydrange root and dandelion root and leaf.  You can actually buy dandelion at a health food store and dry it yourself.  I make my own tea with the leaves and just love it.

The other thing I was doing was straining my poop to see exactly what was coming out.  I know I showed you that earlier in the cleanse but the further you get into the cleanse, things drastically change.  Here is the latest photo.  It was mostly slime, dark smelly slime.  It smelled like an outhouse that had been sitting in the sun for weeks.  I was really shocked by the intensity of the smell.  Then there were these white bean sized things that have me puzzled.  I have no idea if it is fat deposits or if it is candida, yeast, fungus?  I’m heading over to the side of it being the fungus because it is the same color that my tongue was; that white chalky looking stuff that I was finding, similar to that of thrush on a baby.

The sight of that made me very happy.  I really feel like this cleanse is doing something constructive.  I am going to have to stop doing it as I’m going out of town and have no desire to cart around a juicer, lemons, maple syrup, etc.  But you can count on me doing this again.  I’ll see how I feel once I return.  For now, I am happy to report that I feel like my mission is getting accomplished.

I have spoken to others that have done this cleanse and everyone I spoke to had nothing but good things to report.  I haven’t heard one negative comment.  I find that inspiring too as I have looked for a long time for a way to rid my body of the slime.  I think I’ve found it.  If you decide to do the cleanse, make sure you keep me posted on your progress too.

I was going to share the recipe with you but really, I would rather have you get the book and read the protocol.  There are a lot of little things that they bring up in the book that could be pertenant for you and your body so I would rather err on the side of caution on this one.

Words of advice…. be prepared.  Make sure you never run out of anything and make sure you do the bowel work too.  I have grown to tolerate the salt water drink in the morning.  It really does work effectively.  I’m looking and feeling so much better and that for me, is what it is all about.

Bottom’s up!  Enjoy your day.  Donna

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