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Coming Full Circle Book

This informative step-by-step guide is a must have for the use of hCG and so much more. Losing weight,… [more]

Coming Full Circle Book Coming Full Circle Book

Welcome to AVFC


Welcome to AVFC Welcome to AVFC

Savvy Biz Woman Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 Issue

"Research into how sugar effects the human body has revealed some disturbing facts. Sugarcane is as highly… [more]

Savvy Biz Woman Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 Issue Savvy Biz Woman Magazine Sept/Oct 2013 Issue

John Oliver Slams Big-Pharma!!


John Oliver Slams Big-Pharma!! John Oliver Slams Big-Pharma!!

"I Didn't Know That" Blog

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Tell Congress: Don’t Pass a Farm Bill that Lets Monsanto Wipe Out State GMO Labeling Laws! Monsanto has been...read more >